With every new version of Android, we get a collection of new wallpapers to feast our eyes on and set as default on our homescreens. Lollipop is no different. It packs 11 new wallpapers for us, though if you ask me, they are a lot less playful than the KitKat ones.

The first few are abstract geometric shapes, while the rest seem to be real photographs, but of what, I could not tell you. Maybe something related to geology, but definitely not lollipops. That's reserved for the easter egg apparently. And if you were looking for that kite flying wallpaper that we saw on the Nexus 6, you're out of luck. It doesn't seem to be available in the Lollipop Developer Preview.

The resolutions are all over the place, with most wallpapers sporting a height of 2560 pixels and a width that varies between 2323 and 3808 — see how much fun I had trying to align them all in this post? One wallpaper manages to disobey the height rule, with an 1866 x 2000 resolution. Still, they should all be large and tall enough to fit on both the Nexus 6 and 9, and all modern smartphones and tablets.

Update: If you simply want to download all the wallpapers below in one ZIP file, hit the link.

thumb-lollipop-wallpaper-01 thumb-lollipop-wallpaper-02

thumb-lollipop-wallpaper-03 thumb-lollipop-wallpaper-04 thumb-lollipop-wallpaper-05

thumb-lollipop-wallpaper-06 thumb-lollipop-wallpaper-07 thumb-lollipop-wallpaper-08

thumb-lollipop-wallpaper-09 thumb-lollipop-wallpaper-10 thumb-lollipop-wallpaper-11