The most fitness oriented of Android Wear devices so far is now listed in the Play Store. None other than the Sony SmartWatch 3, from the company that previously said it was sticking with its non-Android watch platform. Yeah, that went well.

2014-10-17 17_51_48-Sony SmartWatch 3 - Devices on Google Play

The SmartWatch 3 has the same basic internals as most of the other Android Wear watches including a Snapdragon 400, 4GB of storage, 512MB of RAM, and so on. The square screen is a 320x320 LCD. Sony's watch has its own GPS chip so it can be used to track a workout even when it's not connected to a phone. There are also a few Sony apps included to keep store of fitness data offline.

Google is showing the watch with a black strap, but the watch body can be detached and snapped into other Sony bands. It's not clear if those will be available at launch in the Play Store or not. We don't have a firm launch date for this one, so it could be any time now.

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