Lollipop goes after the operating system's janky app restoration process in a big way. Android 5.0 lets users transfer data from one device to another just by tapping the two together using Near Field Communication. But if you don't have a gadget with NFC or can't be bothered with that approach, the setup process also lets you pull down apps from devices that have been backed up to your account. You can even select specific apps to download, so you don't need to bring down all of the junk from your other device. You can read up on this process in greater detail in a previous Lollipop spotlight post.

Here's what I'm here to draw your attention to now. When restoring a device with certain apps placed on your homescreen, Lollipop will place a gray placeholder in the same place until the app is installed. Clicking on the icon will shoot you out to the appropriate Play Store page.


This is a process you will only experience once per every setup process (an occurrence that admittedly happens more frequently for some of us than others), but it's still no less nice to see Google round out the experience. This feature should provide a better idea of what's going on in the background than just staring at a list of progress bars telling you when apps are on their way.