On a scale of one to ten, I avoided Flappy Bird like the plague. I didn't play it. I didn't write about it. I didn't look at it in the Play Store. I wanted nothing to do with it and its evil ways. If you just can't get enough of that silly crap, however, there's an Easter Egg in Lollipop that you're just going to love: a Flappy Bird clone with huge lollipops and the bugdroid. God help us all.

To access this little, um, gem, just jump into Settings > About > and tap-tap-taparoo on the Android version a few times. You'll get a nice big Lollipop on the screen, which you can tap to change colors. Once you've cycled through a few colors, drag across the 'pop to highlight it, and suddenly you'll be transported to a magical world of flying bugdroids, oversized lollipops, and rage. Good luck.

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