When the Nexus 9 was announced yesterday (check our post for the specs and release details), we were only served a series of rendered graphics to give us an idea of what the hottest new tablet in the Android world looks like. But we all know how deceiving renders can be, sometimes making devices look better than they do in real life and other times conveying a less flattering image of them. Thankfully, we don't have to wait until November 3rd to get our first real life photos of the sexy HTC tablet.


And sexy it is. User tdiddy.2 on Vietnamese forum Techrum seems to be one of the lucky few to have a Nexus 9 in their hands and has decided to share a few pics with us that convey the elegant and refined look of the tablet. Feast your eyes on that beautiful 4:3 8.9" screen and those promising front-facing speakers.


As for the keyboard case, it appears to fit the Nexus 9 like a glove. The combo makes you think the tablet was built for productive work. I just feel like sitting and typing a novel on it, but who am I kidding, I'll probably spend my time on Twitter and Plex instead.


Below are a few more pictures of the tablet and keyboard case from various angles, showing the Nexus 9's various buttons and ports, and the keyboard's folding mechanism and hinge.

thumb-nexus-9-techrum-4 thumb-nexus-9-techrum-5 thumb-nexus-9-techrum-6

thumb-nexus-9-techrum-7 thumb-nexus-9-techrum-8 thumb-nexus-9-techrum-9

Techrum.vn - Thanks Tung Ha