I've never been to Vietnam, but (after seeing the earlier hands-on photos and now this video here) I'm tempted to check out airplane ticket prices for the country. I hear they have gorgeous landscapes, an interesting culture, and a bunch of geeks loose with Nexus 9s. One of them is parading in a coffee shop with a chocolate drink, a couple of books, and our coveted tablet. But I might be mistaken.

No, I'm not. SChannel, which seems to be the YouTube channel of Vietnamese Sforum, has published a rather lengthy video of the Nexus 9 giving us our first peek at what the tablet feels like in real life and how responsive it is.


Despite repeating most of the shots and only featuring the Nexus 9 from afar or with the screen turned off most times, the video still manages to sneak in a few new bits of information. First is the Google Fit icon in the drawer, indicating that Google's fitness hub will finally see its own app launch with Android Lollipop, and second is that entirely new app drawer. It pops with a nice animation on top of the homescreen, doesn't seem to take up the entirety of the screen, and offers a new cleaner white background.


I don't speak Vietnamese, so my understanding of the rest of the video is limited to the technical words, like Lollipop, Material Design, and iPad Air. But I know that around 1:20, we get a few camera samples taken by the Nexus 9's 8MP camera. You can find them below in their full resolution.

thumb-nexus-9-sforum-camera-sample-1 thumb-nexus-9-sforum-camera-sample-2 thumb-nexus-9-sforum-camera-sample-3

thumb-nexus-9-sforum-camera-sample-4 thumb-nexus-9-sforum-camera-sample-5 thumb-nexus-9-sforum-camera-sample-6

November 3rd can't come soon enough, can it?

SChannel, Sforum - Thanks, Bastero