There were rumors earlier this year of a Google Play Edition of the Samsung Galaxy S5, but nothing happened at Google I/O, and there's been hardly a peep since. SamMobile noticed something interesting in an image on the Android site, though. There's a Galaxy S5 running stock Android 5.0 in one of the images. How very suspicious.


The GS5 is tucked away in a banner image, cropped here for your convenience. That's definitely a Galaxy S5 with stock Android Lollipop, but it has on-screen buttons in addition to the physical ones. That probably wouldn't be the case on a real device. By slipping that device in, is Google telling us the Google Play Edition is finally happening? It is situated right next to the Moto G and One M8 GPE.

Google's selection of GPE phones has been rather sad since most of them were cleared out a few months ago. All we have now is the old Moto G and HTC One M8. A completely stock Galaxy S5 would be a great addition. Fingers crossed.