When we talk about Motorola, we usually mean Motorola Mobility. That's the company that makes phones, while Motorola Solutions is a telecom and equipment maker. They were both spun off from the classic Motorola Inc., but now we have reason to talk about Motorola Solutions. This entity will be announcing an Android device on October 21st. Neat.


The device in question is an "all-touch mobile computer," so presumably not a phone. I think even enterprise-oriented companies will use the word "phone." The teaser certainly doesn't look like a tablet, so we may be looking at a sort of Android PDA thing. It's probably not the kind of device you will buy. There's a lot of talk about workflows, flexibility, and other business-y buzz words.

Whatever this Android device is, we will find out more on October 21st. It is entirely possible we'll forget about it shortly thereafter, but such is the nature of the news cycle.

[Thanks, +Fredrik Andersson]