Since the beginning, Lookout has been a consumer-focused company. Now, after having snagged millions of paying subscribers and deals with many carriers spread across various parts of the globe, it's ready to get down to business. Big business, so to speak. The company is pushing its offerings towards enterprise clients, the kind of customers with plenty of employees all managing potentially confidential information on their mobile devices. It's trying to entice them with the promise of a security solution that works and a user experience that won't tick people off.

Now the company has released an app into the Play Store that's aimed squarely at these customers. Lookout Enterprise Security is intended only for clients that have already enrolled in its program.

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At Android Police, mobile security consists of remembering to blur out our private email addresses when taking screenshots, so I don't have any firsthand experience with this app. But after having recently secured $150 million in funding from investors, you can trust that Lookout will take this enterprise push very seriously. And considering its success with securing partners, don't be too surprised if Lookout Enterprise Security shows up on a company phone in the weeks ahead.

Lookout for Work
Lookout for Work
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