Every now and then an app pops up that looks like it was designed entirely for people like us. And by us, I mean tech reviewers, enthusiasts, and people who just somehow end up with more gadgets to maintain than we know what to do with. In this situation, it can be challenging to keep up with all the electronics and make sure each device is charged enough for use. Potential is a new app (still in beta) that can keep track of everything's battery life from a single location, and with its slick Material-inspired design, it looks good doing it.

What It Does

Potential is an app for monitoring the status of multiple devices from a single spot. The idea is to keep all of your electronics in working order, for a tablet is no good if it's always dead when you're ready to pull it out, and if you don't use the device daily, it can be quite the hassle to manually remember to check on it and charge it during the downtime. This app lets you peek on things from afar and toggle Bluetooth and Wi-Fi remotely to squeeze extra juice out of products you're not currently using.

Potential requires you to create an account, which it does automatically when you attempt to sign in with an email address and password. To add new devices, you simply install the app and sign in on each one you want to use. It will then begin to monitor everything automatically. I'm not sure exactly how often the app syncs, but you can pull to refresh things automatically.

Potential3 Potential1 Potential9

If you use Windows 8/8.1, you can also follow things from the comfort of your desktop using dedicated software. I don't, so I wasn't able to test this feature out. Personally, I don't care all that much. I always have my phone nearby, and that's the device I'm most inclined to pick up to manage everything else.

In terms of options, there isn't much to see here. You can rename each device by hitting the menu next to each one.

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To tweak anything else, you need to purchase the full version of the app. There's no option to do this. You just get hit with a purchase prompt when you go to enable notifications. 99 cents will turn that feature on, and it will also remove those banner ads at the bottom of the screen in the process. Afterwards, you can set Potential to send you a notification when a device is low on juice, saving you from having to open the app and manually check everything's status.

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Should You Download It?

Potential is still in beta, and it shows. Options are sparse, and Bluetooth/Wi-Fi status didn't always match the device. Expect to encounter bugs here and there. Fortunately, battery life appears to be accurate, and that's what I would consider Potential's most appealing aspect.

The developers intend to add in Android Wear integration, a widget, and Mac/Linux support in the future. Even in its current state, the app is already worth a look. Frankly, Potential shows a lot of potential, and I look forward to seeing it mature.

Potential Beta
Potential Beta
Developer: Paranoid-Gems
Price: Free+