If tonight can be compared to Christmas Eve, we've just seen a big, AT&T-shaped box sitting in the living room. As carriers are wont to do, it appears AT&T has already set up a URL for Motorola's Nexus 6, confirming that the carrier will carry the new whale-sized Nexus.

The URL won't take you to a product listing just yet, but if you travel a short way to the LG G3 Vigor listing, you'll see a tile in the sidebar showing the Nexus 6 for $49.99 on contract.

Note: This isn't a guarantee of the price as the page isn't final yet, and in fact it appears everything but the name and the tile itself are place holders - the image is the LG Vista, the same SKU currently holding a place in the "details" URL. It's most likely that AT&T will make this switch after the N6 announcement.


This is significant news, since this would make the first Nexus phone sold directly through AT&T. Obviously there's no word on an actual release date or availability for any other carriers just yet, but it shouldn't be long now.

Source: AT&T

Thanks, Steve Secor!