Chrome got you down in the dumps? Why not try Firefox? It's like Chrome, but developed by the fine people at Mozilla, who also make... um... okay, the point is Mozilla makes Firefox, and it's a good browser. Now it's even better with v33 rolling out to the stable version with support for casting to Chromecast or Roku, better private data management, and more.


Here's the full changelog from v33 of Firefox.

  • Support for video casting with Roku and Chromecast.
  • You can now setup Firefox to automatically clear your browsing data when you close the browser.
  • The homepage now has a Recent tabs panel where you can easily access your recently closed tabs and tabs from your last browsing session.
  • Undo a closed tab via a toast notification.
  • Close all normal/private tabs at once with the new tab panel's overflow menu item.
  • When you open a new tab in background, you can quickly switch to it with action button in the toast notification.

Most of these features were first available in the last beta release back in September. The casting functionality is for embedded HTML5 videos only. The cast icon should appear in the address bar when there's an embedded video suitable for streaming, allowing you to pick a Chromecast or Roku. The data clearing setting is neat too, if you're the type worried about privacy. There are also a few changes to HTML, JavaScript, and other low level stuff, but that's not super-relevant to most people. You can read all about it here.

[+Lucas Rocha]