Machinarium has been around for a few years on virtually every platform, but now we're finally getting something new (to Android) from Amanita Design. Botanicula shares a gameplay and art style with Machinarium, but it's a completely new adventure about five tree-dwelling friends who must save the last seed from their home tree, which has become infested with nasty parasites.

Botanicula is a point-and-click adventure game with tons of puzzles and bonuses to unlock. The game includes over 150 locations to explore, all rendered with lovely artwork. Everything about the style of Botanicula just seems very thoughtful and fun—like Machinarium. That's a good thing because Machinarium was fantastic all the way through.

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The production levels seem absolutely off-the-chart good from the gameplay to the soundtrack (composed by DVA). It looks well worth the asking price of $4.99. And that's it—there's not an in-app purchase in sight.

Developer: Amanita Design
Price: $4.99