The camera app packed inside of CyanogenMod 11S, the version of the ROM that launched on the OnePlus One, has found its way onto the Play Store. People who own that particular handset can now look for camera updates to appear alongside all of their other apps. If any of you head over to Google Play right this moment, you may even see that there's one already waiting for you.

CMC1 CMC2 Screenshot_2014-10-13-08-06-06

If you turn to the Play Store without a OnePlus One running the latest version of CM11S, don't expect to get your hands on anything. For now, this app remains an exclusive, and its appearance in the marketplace serves as an easier way to roll out updates. A prior app, Gallery Next, opened up to non-CyanogenMod devices, but for now the Cyanogen Camera largely remains a "look, don't touch" affair.

Cyanogen Camera
Cyanogen Camera
Developer: CyanogenMod
Price: Free