Skins are divisive subject. Do they really matter? Are they literally evil incarnate? Is TouchWiz actually that bad? Well, now we're going to vote on it: will your next phone rock the stock, or will it be SenseWizwhateverLG'sthingis-ified?

For the purpose of our poll, "major" UI layer modifications will include a pretty broad range. Anything made by Samsung, LG, Sony (yes, sorry, that is a "major" skin), HTC, Huawei, ZTE, and a number of other OEMs that is not a Nexus or GPE device is considered "skinned" for the purposes of this poll. Motorola devices, Nexus devices, GPE devices, OnePlus devices (CM adds many functions, but aesthetically is / can be made very stock-ish), or any other phone that runs a version of Android with extremely minimal (or straight-up Google-approved) modifications will not be considered "skinned" for the purposes of this poll.

nexusae0_Screenshot_2013-09-19-15-26-23 nexusae0_Screenshot_2014-04-18-16-14-29 nexusae0_Screenshot_2014-04-29-13-52-31

As for you ROMers out there, there is a poll option for your situation, don't worry.

Will your next phone have an OEM "skin" (major UI layer modifications)?

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