HTC introduced its Eye Experience along with its new Desire EYE smartphone a couple of days ago, then revealed that the entire suite of selfie-shly centered video and still capture tools will also be available for the One M7, M8, and other phones in its line-up. However, you may still be confused as to what this "Eye Experience" thing is all about and how it could apply to your everyday fun and adventure filled life. The answer is in 5 detailed tutorial videos the company just posted on YouTube.

The first video tackles Face Tracking and Screen Share by starring a chef and a team of cooks who are involved in a very lively video call. You'll discover how to focus the frame on the faces of all participants (up to 4) and how to share your current phone's screen when it is full of pictures of delicious desserts. What's that? You don't have those? Then don't ever share your screen, period.

Moving on to mountain climbing and extreme sports, the second video focuses on Split Capture. That's the option to record video from the front and back cameras simultaneously to "show both sides of the story," except that it seems to give neither of them their due in the resulting video.

And now for the selfie-obsessed, HTC demonstrates Auto Selfie and Voice Selfie, two different ways of taking, you guessed it, selfies. This option has been available on other OEM's devices, and HTC has decided to catch up by providing a way to capture your grinning face automatically when you smile and your grumpy stare or duckface after you say "Capture," or "Cheese." A video recording can also be triggered by saying "Action."

This is where things start getting a bit more creepy. In the next video, HTC shows Live Makeup, a "beautification feature" as the nice lady explains (because unlike what your mommy told you, you are ugly) that smoothes your face and makes you look positively 'shopped.

And lastly, HTC has a Face Fusion video that is... I'll just let the tutorial speak for itself while I cringe.

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