For some of us, breaking a smartphone is unimaginable. For others, it's only a matter of time. Either way, it could pay to have your ducks in a row. Samsung has introduced a new device replacement plan, and since no less than 107% of the world's phones were made by the manufacturer, a good number of people could benefit from this. But it won't come cheap.

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Samsung's "Protection Plus Mobile Elite" plan costs $99.99 and provides coverage for two years. This price doesn't mean you get a replacement device as soon as yours breaks. Instead, you will have to pay a service fee each time you issue a claim. For general Galaxy devices, this fee is an additional $75 per device. For the Note series, this fee is $95. You can replace up to three devices within a three year period. Samsung will get a replacement out to you in two business days or less, and you're not expected to mail in your damaged unit until after you receive the goods.

Technically, yes, paying around $200 for a replacement phone is several hundred dollars less than buying a new one outright, but it's also the amount you would pay for just about any device with a new two-year contract. You really have to ask yourself how much keeping your current phone is worth. Here's our guide from last year to help determine if phone insurance is compelling in the first place.

Plan Benefits:

  • Covers accidental damage from handling – drops, spills and cracked screens
  • Covers electrical and mechanical failures
  • Advanced exchange – replacement within 2 business days or less
  • 24/7/364 customer support (Closed Christmas Day)
  • Up to three (3) claims allowed during coverage period

Right now the plan is limited to the Galaxy S4, S5, Note 3, and Note 4. It is available for purchase directly from Samsung, and it goes into effect fifteen days after you place the purchase. Be sure not to break your phone before then, or you're out of luck.

Samsung Protection Plus Mobile Elite

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