Recently, we took a look at Ultra Violet, a new Hangouts app for Chrome that - at the time - was still in testing. It promised floating chats similar to Facebook's Chatheads feature, but for your desktop. Today, that app is finally a reality and available for download.

The premise is simple - as the video below demonstrates, a Hangouts bubble floats on the side of your desktop, opened from Google's Chrome app launcher, and subsequent conversations float above that. Users can click and hold to drag the bubble around and manage/participate in chats just like on the web.

New messages automatically preview in a word bubble next to their respective chat, and users can hover over each chat to see the last correspondence.

It's worth noting that - for now - the app has the same contacts and chat tabs as its Android counterpart, but no dialer tab. To dial a contact, you'll need to hit the search bar first, then select the phone icon.

Also of note is that the app is apparently not fully ready for OSX, as some users are experiencing unexpected behavior. For now, it also appears there's no easy way to switch accounts or support multiple accounts - the app will pick up whichever account is your primary on Chrome.

To grab the app for yourself, just hit the link below.

Download: Hangouts

Source: Google+, Chrome Blog