A couple of weeks ago, a good number of us were turned on by the idea of an updated HTC One M8 that shipped with a camera packing not 4, but 13 megapixels. Then we had our hopes and dreams shattered with news that the device was expected to be a China and India exclusive.

The phone has now gone on sale in China. It will probably get imported into India, but there's nothing new to share concerning the other side of the globe.

Screenshot 2014-10-09 at 1.46.32 PM

On the positive side, HTC has been cramming more megapixels into all of its recent devices. The newly unveiled Desire EYE packs much of the power of the M8 into a new body and hits it with two 13MP cameras. With any lucky, this trend will continue by the time HTC is ready to debut its next flagship phone.

Via @LlabTooFeR