Sometimes you've just got to sit back and marvel at the ingenuity of some Android developers. While Motorola was busy putting expensive infrared sensors all over the front of the new Moto X to enable a few gesture controls, developer OnTheGo Platforms was adding it in with something that just about every smartphone already has. Behold, BrainWave, an app that lets you play, pause, and navigate your music like a frickin' Jedi.

Once you've got the app set up, BrainWave "looks" through your phone's front-facing camera for a series of commands delivered via your right hand. Place your hand palm-down about a foot over your phone to pause or resume. Swipe it left or right with your palm perpendicular (karate chop style) to advance to the next song or go back. Neat, huh? Any third-party music app that supports Android's basic controls should work, and appear automatically in the app list.

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Of course this isn't exactly practical, unless you're in the habit of using your phone to play music while it's lying flat on a table right beside you. And there are limitations: you have to use your phone in landscape mode while BrainWave is running over the music player, and since it relies on the camera, it won't work in the dark. (Though it does work when the screen is off.) Even so, it's undeniably cool - I only hope that the developer can add in a little extra code so that I can give a literal thumbs up or thumbs down to tracks on Pandora.

BrainWave Music Control
BrainWave Music Control
Developer: OnTheGo Platforms
Price: Free+