Before we start: Square's Order service is still only for eateries in San Francisco and New York City, because those are the only two places where people use smartphones. If you fall paradoxically outside of the service area (like all but one of Android Police's staff), you can stop reading now. For everyone else, check out the sizeable upgrade to Square Order, now rolling out in the Play Store. The app, which allows you to order and pay for food at restaurant tables, gets a fresh new look and some other goodies.

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New above, old below.

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The biggest addition to the updated app is arrival predictions. As Square explains on the company blog, this feature allows you to order a meal or a drink from anywhere, start travelling towards the restaurant, and pick up a hot (or cold, or lukewarm) thingamabob right as you arrive. The app uses some special sauce to guess when you'll get there, and the service tells the restaurant to know when to have your food ready for you. The app's built-in ordering system automatically pays for the item, assuming you've got everything set up correctly.

Other improvements include saving your favorite menu items, the ability to cancel orders (please think of your servers and don't cancel after too long), suggestions based on your order and payment history, and a streamlined payment system. It's a free download, and end users don't need any extra Square equipment to try out the service.

Source: SquareUp blog

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