Charge allthethings! Wouldn't you like that? Well, Samsung has a solution for you in its Multi-Charging Wall Charger. Announced back in August, the tri-split cable and wall charger combo is finally available for sale on Samsung's Online Store. Essentially, this is a cable with a USB port at one end and three MicroUSB ports on the other, allowing you to use one USB output to split the charging power between 3 devices simultaneously.


The cable comes with a 2A wall charger and the way it works is by smartly dividing the output depending on how many products you are trying to charge. If one device is connected, it will channel the entire 2A to it. If it detects two devices, it will provide a maximum of 1A for each, and if you use all 3 ports, it will split the power to 667mA on every end. While this may not be ideal as your primary way of charging your phone, tablet, and watch for example (it would take an eternity to charge a tablet on 667mA!), it's still a great solution for your gear bag. Instead of carrying multiple cables for on-the-go charging, you just throw this in and you're good.

The Multi-Charging Wall Charger is going for $39.99, but you can still benefit from Samsung's Online Store 50% off promotion. Use the code r1H01X01 to lower the price to $19.99, a more acceptable deal for what is essentially a wall charger with a split cable.


Samsung Multi-Charging Wall Charger