Thanks to, Motorola's Droid Turbo has just broken cover in a detailed quick-start guide to the device covering its form factor, features, and much more.

The device, as has been rumored, has a 5.2" display. Besides that, it's got capacitive navigation keys, a big 21MP camera unit (with Moto's dual flash), and of course Moto's secret sauce including Moto Actions, Display, and Connect.

The guide doesn't show a photo of the back of the device, but it does confirm (on page 54) that a back plate that leaked last month is accurate. The back has a flash configuration different from the new Moto X - rather than a ring configuration, there's a flash on either side of the camera without a ring, spaced a bit farther apart than on the X. Below that is Moto's logo in a slight circular relief. It also appears that the volume rocker is the device's SIM tray, which can be pulled out with your fingernail.


image image image

Interestingly, the phone apparently has wireless (Qi) charging and compatibility with Moto's new turbo charger.

For those interested, the 73-page guide is available for your reading pleasure below. We're still combing through the guide ourselves, so if we find any more interesting bits we'll add them here.

Source: Moto Firmware (PDF, Twitter)