There are no fewer than one zillion ways to share photos. There are social channels like Facebook and Google+, NFC, Email, and more. Xim from Microsoft Research makes it easy to share photos without actually sharing them at all. Just pick the photos you want to share, and invite people to view them on their device. They don't even need to have Xim installed and the files don't go anywhere.

Using Xim is a collaborative experience. Pick the photos you want to share, then invite anyone you want by SMS or email. Swiping and zooming on the photos is replicated across all the connected devices in almost real time. For those not running the session from the app, Xim simply opens as a webpage, as such, it doesn't care what device you're using. It can even run on a computer. The bottom of the screen has an option to send messages to the room, add participants (for the host), and see the photos as a gallery.

2014-10-08 22.14.35 2014-10-08 22.15.26 2014-10-08 22.30.23

Xim works with any image you have stored locally on your device, but also anything in your Dropbox, OneDrive, Instagram, or Facebook. It's also free.

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