Countless people out there have surely checked out Asus tablets in department stores around the world and walked away thinking, "I wish I could have that." You would think they were talking about the hardware (especially considering how cool the original Asus Transformer was at the time), but instead, they had their eyes set on the spiffy live wallpaper being used to show off the device. Lucky for them, Asus has now released the animated MyWater wallpaper into the Play Store and opened it up to competing electronics.


Under the right circumstances, nothing is more exciting than an ice cold glass of water. Asus' wallpaper tries to capture this in a virtual form, though with only two cubes remaining in the digital beverage, this drink is starting to look a little sad. Fortunately the background rotates with your device, and there are occasional bubbles to keep things fresh. But after having installed the app on my Nexus 7, I feel it looks more like an awkward bathtub with two dropped ice cubes than something I want to drink. And why is it kind of green?


The MyWater live wallpaper is available for free, which is probably a good thing. Even if you're into especially calming backgrounds, this one still probably won't hold your interest for long. But if it does, let me know when those cubes finally melt. I've been staring at them for a while now, and I'm starting to wonder what they're actually made of.

Thanks, Manny.