About a week ago we told you about a Hulu Plus promotion that gives new Chromecast owners two months of access to the premium portion of the streaming library for free. As it turns out, anyone in the US can get that sweet, sweet streaming video, no matter when they bought their Chromecast. AP reader Matthew discovered that he could follow the instructions for redeeming the offer on his older Chromecast without any kind of issues.

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To take advantage of a couple of months of unlimited Hulu backlog, open the Chromecast app and manually connect to a Chromecast on your WiFi network. Then tap the hamburger button for the drop-down menu (not the slide-out menu) and tap "check for offers." From there you'll be forwarded to a web page with a link to redeem the special offer, along with Google's seemingly endless 90-day All Access music promotion. The free trial can be redeemed between now and the end of the year, but Google might start checking serial numbers for redemption, so jump on this if you want in.

There's one thing that will sink the deal for a lot of people: you can't start the two-month Plus trial period without giving Hulu your credit card information or your PayPal account. Naturally it will auto-renew itself at the end of the trial, so you'll have to act fast to keep your $16 freebie from turning into a recurring subscription. If that doesn't deter you, enjoy getting new episodes of Brooklyn Nine Nine without that BS eight-day wait.

Thanks, Matthew!