Nearly a year ago, this company called Coin came to the Internet with a product, also called Coin, that it promised would store all of your credit, debit, and loyalty cards inside of a single nifty replacement. People could pre-order this Bluetooth-connected card for $50, and they were told they would receive it by summer of 2014, otherwise known as the season that just ended. Where are their cards? Well, they're still available for pre-order, and orders placed now aren't expected to arrive until the summer of 2015.

In the wake of such an unfortunate turn of events, another company has come forth with a similar product. Plastc is announcing its own competing card, which also goes by the name of Plastc, that takes everything about Coin and raises it up a notch. Whether or not that's a good thing depends on how trusting you are as a person.

Let's go through the list. Instead of cramming the last four digits of your card onto a tiny screen, Plastc promises a significantly larger e-ink display that can display virtually all of the same information you normally see at the bottom of your card, including your name, the associated bank, and the expiration date. It's capable of displaying how much money remains in your account and how much credit you have available to you. The screen can also spit out a barcode that you can scan instead of swipe. Alternatively, you can pay using NFC instead. Chip and PIN technology is included, so you should be able to use it globally.

Plastc Card_front_and_back

Plastc Card_front Plastc Card_perspective Plastc Card_back

As for security, you can input a PIN on the card itself. And since Plastc can pair with your phone, you still get proximity alerts if you wander too far away, and there's a "Return Me" mode in case someone else finds your card. If all is lost, you have the choice to wipe everything remotely.

Unlike with Coin, buyers won't have to replace the card every few years. Plastc is rechargeable. To power it up, you just drop it on top of a wireless charging pad. The product will also come with upgradeable software.

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Now for the best part. Plastc isn't available for purchase just yet. It's up for pre-order, and it costs $155. Not only that, it's not expected to start shipping until summer 2015. Everything about Plastc sounds like a spoof of Coin, an example of how if you just keep promising features, people will be willing to part with even more of their money.

Here's a link to the company's website. Let us know what you do after clicking it.

Plastc Introduces Plastc Card: Physical and Digital Card Reinvented
Experience Plastc Today Available for Pre-Order

PALO ALTO, CALIF. ­ October 7, 2014 ­ Plastc announced today its first product ­ Plastc Card, the most intelligently-designed, secure digital card ever invented, available for preorder worldwide on Plastc Card consolidates all of your many cards into one device ­ including credit & debit cards, loyalty and gift cards, access cards and coupons. Working in tandem with a Plastc Wallet app for iPhone and Android, Plastc Card stores more cards than any other device and provides more security than traditional cards as well as other digital wallets.

³From the beginning, we focused on making a simple and elegant transactional experience,² said Mark Stubbs, chief executive officer and co-founder of Plastc. ³We packed Plastc Card with the most advanced technology available and built-in future technology like Chip and PIN and NFC, so the user doesn¹t have to worry about future payment systems.²

The Features: Plastc Card

· E-Ink ink Touchscreen. PlastcCard comes with a proprietary wafer thin digital display using E-Ink technology that shows your name, credit card, barcodes and much more. With a single swipe and tap you can change the type of the card from a credit card to a rewards card but to retailers, it behaves just like your regular card. If you choose you can also view your balances or available credit.
· Rewritable Magnetic Strip. The rewritable magnetic strip enables the behavior of the card to change depending on which card you select. It isalso disabled until you select your card, preventing any fraudulent activity.
· Rewriteable NFC/RFID. Also included is Plastc Card¹s ¹s re-writable NFC/RFID technology that lets Plastc Card mimic any RFID access cards. Only emitting a signal while a card is chosen,you never have to worry about someone electronically pick pocketing your data.
· Chip and PIN Technology. PlastcCard will ship with Chip and PIN hardware which means that it will work globally after a Plastc firmware update in late 2015.
· Barcode. The E-Ink touchscreen also supports barcodes for gift and loyalty cards, so you never have to worry about carrying around multiple cards to use at the perfect moment.
· Built-in Bluetooth. Low energy (BLE) is included within Plastc Card for connecting with the accompanying Wallet app. Bluetooth provides seamless communication with the physical Card.
· Remote Wipe. If your Card is left behind or away from your phone for a predetermined amount of time, Plastc Card will wipe your data to prevent fraudulent activity. As soon as it comes within range of your phone it will re-sync all your information seamlessly so you don¹t have to start from scratch.
· Return Me Mode. ŒReturn Me¹ mode helps your card find its way back to you by displaying a message on the e-ink screen when it¹s lost.
· Flash Memory. On Plastc Card, you can store up to 20 cards at once ­ these can be credit & debit cards, gift & loyalty cards, access cards and coupons. With the Plastc Wallet app, you can store an unlimited amount, making it possible to change your cards on Plastc Card while you¹re on the go easily using Bluetooth.
· Signature & Photo ID. To give you further peace of mind, Plastc Card will display your photo ID and signature on the E-Ink touch screen so you are giving additional forms of identification to the retailer.
· 30-Day Battery Life + Wireless Charging. With Plastc Card, charging is a breeze as it ships with a wireless charging mat. With a single charge, you will experience about 30 days of battery life.
· Light Sensor. A built in light sensor detects when Plastc Card is in or out of your wallet. Allowing Plastc Card to save battery life and only display information while in use.

The App: Wallet

· Secure PIN. Password-protect your information with a global 4 digit secure PIN to open the app and give yourself peace of mind.
· Facial Authentication. In conjunction with your secure pin verify your identity with facial biometrics to prevent unauthorized access to the wallet app. Facial authentication also allows only you to input a card when you are present, and no one else.
· Proximity Alerts. Plastc Wallet lets you know as soon as you¹re more than 100ft away from your Plastc Card. You will receive a message from your Plastc Wallet app letting you know your Plastc Card has been left behind.
· Secure Banking. Unlike other banking apps, Wallet allows you to see banking transactional and balance history from all of your cards in one space so you don¹t have to open multiple apps to keep track of your spending and transactional history. Plastc will be integrating with the following banks to begin with, more to follow -- American Express, Bank of America, Chase, Charles Schwab, Citi, US Bank and Wells Fargo.

3 Reasons to Experience Plastc

1. Features galore. We¹ve invested in the industry¹s most intelligent technology to ensure that the Plastc Card is secure and accepted everywhere. We¹ve put a lot of thought into making sure the Plastc Card will work seamlessly with your everyday routine from day one.
2. Accepted everywhere. Plastc is built to work everywhere all the time. As the US begins moving away from magnetic stripe cards and transitioning towards chip and pin cards in 2015, Plastc will be there with you. With built in technology from the beginning we have ensured that your Plastc Card will be universally accepted following an over-the-air firmware update in 2015.
3. Real-world protection. Your security is important to us, and we¹ve made sure we¹ve included a suite of security features to ensure that your information is protected, no matter where you go.

Pricing, Availability and Referral Program
The Plastc Card retails for USD $155 and is available for pre-order on Plastc will ship its first Plastc Cards in Summer 2015.

Plastc is also introducing a give $20 get $20 referral program. Those that pre-order Plastc Card will have the option to refer as many friends and family to purchase Plastc Card as well, and for each person that accepts the offer the original purchaser will receive a $20 Amazon gift card at the time of shipping, and the referred will receive $20 off the purchase of their Plastc Card. There is no limit to the referral program at this point. For additional details please see