Another year, another companion app to another installment in an annual sports series. This time we're taking a look at NBA 2K15. No, it's not 2015 yet, but this is a sports thing. As in this will presumably be what you're using throughout most of next year, since it's coming out at the end of this one. I know most of you are rolling your eyes right now, but there is surely one person reading this who was confused, and I'm looking them straight in the eyes right now.

Anyways, MyNBA2K15 is the companion app to the full console game. Just like last year's entry, it continues to shake things up with a basketball-themed card battle system. There are over 1000 player cards to utilize, now with updated photos and new backgrounds.

nba1 nba2 nba3

That's not to say that the changes are all superficial. The MyTeam mode has improved matchmaking, new quick game reward tiers, and a couple new mechanics that tweak the dynamics of battles. There's a new chat feature for communicating with other people using the companion app, and players can shop for items to use in the console game from their mobile devices.

MyTEAM Mobile New Features

  • Improved Season Matchmaking – Get paired up with opponents of equal skill for an ultra-competitive season!
  • New Quick Game Reward Tiers – Quick Game rewards scale up with your team. The better your team, the better rewards you will receive.
  • Card Enhancements - Each card will now have 1 to 3 slots that you can customize to boost that card’s strength. Additionally, cards now feature 5 attributes to provide even more specialization.
  • Season Coach Cards – Use these cards to give your team a boost during important stretches of the season.
  • Positional Importance - You will now receive bonuses for playing players in their proper positions.

MyNBA2K15 New Features

  • MyPark Chat! - With this mobile exclusive, use your mobile device to text other players hanging out in the Park!
  • MyPLAYER Store - Browse through the console store to check out and purchase items that will transfer over to the console from your mobile device.
  • Redeem Locker Codes – Enter Locker Codes into MyNBA2K15 wherever you go.
  • Daily VC Bonus - Grab quick VC or save up to be able to earn even more!

There are in-app purchases to deal with, but if you were already familiar with MyNBA2K14, then you know what to expect here. It's just another day out on the court.

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