It seems that Google's apparent decision to make a 6-inch Nexus phone has upset many of you. Don't worry, though. There is a solution, and as with most things in life, it comes courtesy of Japan. It's a giant thumb that attaches to your regular thumb. Seriously, the Japanese must be years ahead of us.

fngext64-001 fngext64-003 fngext64-006

The Thanko soft silicone thumb should fit snugly to give you 15mm of additional reach. That's enough to help you make it to the far corner of a big phone while only looking mildly ridiculous. Keen observers will notice that there's actually a stylus embedded in the thumb like some sort of blackened necrotic vein, but the lady above doesn't seem to mind—look how happy that thumb extension has made her.

fngext64-007 fngext64-p03 fngext64-p01

So it's basically a stylus that attaches to your thumb. Why make it look like a larger thumb? Because Japan, now stop asking questions. The (poorly) translated product page says it best, "Ease back to touch the screen in big smartphone with this." The thumb extender is available somewhere in Japan for 1,480 yen (about $13.61). The Thanko site appears to be Japan only, but there are some outlets that will export to the US.

[Thanks, Tomasz]