Remember that guy who coaxed the Android version of Minecraft to run on his Samsung Gear Live? It looks like YouTube user Corbin Davenport has found a new hobby. In addition to running the ancient PC shooter Doom on Android Wear (respect the classics), he's now managed to get Windows 95 to boot on the thing.

Warning: techno music.

Well, sort of. Windows 95 is running in ADosBox, one of several DOS emulators available on the Google Play Store. Naturally there are a few problems: in addition to a boot up time of several minutes and a few error notifications at login, the emulated Windows seems to run out of virtual memory if you try to open any programs. That said, the desktop seems surprisingly usable on the Gear Live's 320x320 1.65-inch screen, with the help of relative cursor movement.

My first desktop computer had a 100MHz processor and 32MB of RAM. In every aspect except storage space, the first generation of Android Wear devices are vastly superior to the Windows machines of days gone by, albeit on a much different architecture. I'm sure that with a lot of work, someone could get all the old 80s and 90s operating systems to run perfectly on their watch. I'm just not sure why they'd want to - Red Alert would be pretty hard to play.

Source: YouTube