It's amazing that more than a decade after the rise of "gadget blogs," gigantic international corporations still don't tick the little "confidential" mark when submitting their gadgets for certification by the Federal Communications Commission. Keep it up, folks, it gives us peeks at upcoming hardware like the Lenovo SW-B100 Smartband. This wearable was previously spotted going through the Bluetooth SIG's series of tests, and rumored for an IFA debut, which didn't happen.

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The FCC's tests and documentation vary from device to device, but in this case we get external and internal photos and a copy of the Smartband's user manual. That implies that Lenovo is close to a retail release, or at least that they're ready for one. Sorry to dash your hopes, but based on the photos and documents, it looks like the SW-B100 isn't an Android Wear device. Instead, it looks a very close imitation of the Samsung Gear Fit, including the bracelet design and simple wrist clasp. The device uses what looks like a plastic enclosure with an interior-facing heart rate monitor, IP67 water resistance, and a charging sled with PIN contacts.

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The user manual gives the best indication of the Smartband's overall functions. In short, it's a Bluetooth wristband designed primarily for fitness data, but it also works for a few notifications and alerts. Basic non-connected functions include a watch, a heart rate monitor, a pedometer, a sleep tracker, and a fitness calculator with distance and calorie trackers. It will also remind you to hydrate yourself. When paired with a phone or tablet, the Smartband can receive call and text alerts, but it looks like more complex notifications are out of the picture. I can't see any concrete information on whether the one-line screen is color or black and white, but based on the 7-day battery life, I'd bet on a low-power black and white LCD or e-paper style display.


The unfinished manual mentions an app for Android, Windows, and iOS. Considering Lenovo's hands-off approach to the US smartphone market, contrasted with the fact that an English, FCC-compliant manual is available, I'd say it's still questionable whether the SW-B100 will launch in the US or not. We still see many phones and other devices go through the FCC's halls without ever getting an American release. Price and launch date information are, of course, not available.

Source: Federal Communications Commission - Thanks, Lau!