In the Android community, there are a ton of freelancers working together to get stuff done. Whether it's a graphic design artist contributing to apps or websites, video editors helping with game trailers, developers hoping to create the next big thing, or writers churning out content for blogs (yours truly), the mobile space is filled with independent types coming together to accomplish great things. In our space, and in the broader world at large, freelancers need to sign agreements and write up documents that help guarantee payment and assign ownership of work. This legalese can require years of schooling or a personal lawyer to draft up, but there are ways to save the time and effort. Shake is one such way.

This Android app comes with templates that freelancers and small businesses can use to create legally binding agreements with their clients. It provides the ability for other people to electronically sign the document right on the phone or tablet, and it also has the option to send files off for people to sign remotely. This isn't the kind of app I can dive into right away and personally vouch for, but the UI sure looks nice. We're suckers for that around these parts.

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Apps such as Square and PayPal Here can handle the actual payment process, while an app like Shake deals with the paperwork. Altogether, it's getting easier to manager business from an Android device, and people are being empowered to focus more on doing the work they love. At the end of the day, it's a good thing to see.

Forms by LegalShield
Forms by LegalShield