Samsung has been sending the somewhat overdue Android 4.4.4 update to its flagship devices for the last few weeks, and according to this support page, it's now the Sprint Galaxy S5's turn. The Sprint CDMA edition of the S5 should be receiving the latest stable build of Android now, though we haven't actually found any users who are getting it this morning. Given the way that US carriers tend to stagger the rollouts for just about everything, that isn't all that surprising. The page says it was released last week, but it has only been updated today.

s5 update

The Galaxy S5 launched with KitKat, and the Sprint variety has been running 4.4.2 since it launched back in April. While Samsung hasn't issued updates for 4.4.3, which includes a ton of behind-the-scenes improvements, it's all rolled up with the additional minor security patches in 4.4. According to the release notes for the Sprint model, the G900PVPU1ANI4 update also includes support for international VoWiFi - domestic Wi-Fi calling was added back in June. There's also an updated icon for Sprint's "HD Voice" promotional content.

We don't know how big the update will be, but the 4.4.2-4.4.4 jump is pretty sizeable, and Samsung releases are generally heavy in any case. Unless you're on an unlimited data plan, you'll want to download this one via Wi-Fi. As usual, anyone who's rooted or otherwise modified their phone may not be able to flash the update, and might lose root privileges if they try. If you see the G900PVPU1ANI4 update on your Sprint Galaxy S5, drop us a line in the comments.

Source: Samsung Support