Honda and NVIDIA have partnered up to supply future 2015 Civic, Civic Tourer and CR-V owners with a Tegra-powered infotainment system for them to totally not interact with while driving. The interface will be based on Android, but it's utilizing the aging (or at this point, we can just say old) build of 4.0.4. We may be excited to see Android work its way into more cars, but Auto, this is not.


Aside from looking dated, ugly, and just like any other car infotainment system, there isn't much we can say about the actual UI. It hardly looks Google-y, though the app drawer icon in the bottom right corner sure seems familiar. The 7-inch screen will show off a customizable homescreen with a Honda App Center supplying drivers with access to additional software. Expect to see stuff for music, podcasts, and general information, but don't go looking for games--you're supposed to be driving.

Honda is the 19th global automotive brand to use NVIDIA processors for their infotainment systems, but it's the first based in Asia. The Honda Connect system will ship as standard equipment when it comes to Europe later this year.

NVIDIA Powers New Honda Infotainment System

World's First Embedded Android Infotainment System Powered by NVIDIA Tegra

PARIS, FRANCE--(Marketwired - Oct 1, 2014) - NVIDIA (NASDAQ: NVDA) announced today that its NVIDIA® Tegra® mobile processor will power the new Honda Connect in-car audio and information system in the 2015 Honda Civic, Civic Tourer and CR-V, which will be launched in Europe next year.

By integrating the Tegra automotive-grade processor, Honda becomes the 19th global automaker to utilize NVIDIA technology for in-vehicle infotainment applications. The announcement coincided with the first glimpse of these Honda models at the 2014 Mondial de l'Automobile (Paris Auto Show).

"Honda is bringing NVIDIA's advanced mobile technology to an important new segment of vehicles," said Rob Csongor, vice president and general manager for Automotive at NVIDIA. "Inside these Honda models, the NVIDIA Tegra solution leverages Android to deliver an open, flexible infotainment platform. One that bridges the world of smartphone apps and the requirements of the automotive industry but, most importantly, does so in a way that makes driving safer."

NVIDIA and Honda worked together to integrate Android 4.0.4 as the embedded operating system in the 2015 Honda Civic, Civic Tourer and CR-V. NVIDIA brings its extensive experience working with Android in gaming, tablet and TV platforms to automotive applications.

Leveraging the powerful, yet energy-efficient automotive-grade NVIDIA Tegra processor, the Honda Connect infotainment system is easy and intuitive to use. Its fast response to touchscreen gestures like pinch, zoom and swipe provides consumers the same experience that they expect on their smartphones and tablets.

Featuring rich, vibrant graphics and the ability to customize screens, Honda Connect delivers a personal experience to whoever is behind the wheel. The Tegra-powered system drives a 7-inch capacitive touchscreen display for satellite navigation, AM/FM/DAB, rearview camera and vehicle information. Access to the Honda App Center enables compatible apps for use on the touchscreen, such as Aha Radio.

There are currently over 6 million cars with NVIDIA processors on the road today. Another 25 million NVIDIA processors are expected to be integrated into vehicles over the next 5 years. More information on NVIDIA Automotive is available at