Drinking alcohol is a thing people like to do. Unsurprisingly, some people aren't sure when enough is enough, so they continue to drink said alcohol until things get...bad. We've looked at a couple of different BACtrack Mobile Breathlyzers in the past - the $50 Vio and its more accurate $130 brother - which would help one quantify how intoxicated they actually are by reading their blood alcohol content level (as opposed to what? I've only had 17 shots! That's nothing!).

Both units work pretty well, but the companion app was pretty ugly. Recently, however, BACtrack updated the app to version 2.0, which brings a much better interface. At first blush, everything seems to function pretty much the same, it just looks prettier doing it. Don't take my word for it, though - just look at these screenshots.

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The update is live now in Google Play, and you can grab it from the widget below.

Note: The app is basically useless without a BACtrack or BACtrack Vio. You cannot blow on your phone to gauge intoxication, despite what your drunk brain will make you think.

Developer: KHN Solutions, Inc.
Price: Free