Today's Amazon Gold Box deal of the day can help anyone in need of a portable Bluetooth speaker save quite a bit of money. Creative Labs' Airwave speakers are currently reduced down to just $29.99. This is a savings of $70 off the MSRP. That's right, 70%. You don't see discounts like that often (or at least not as often as we'd like).

Screenshot 2014-09-30 at 4.40.27 PM

The Airwave is available in five colors, but only three are going for $29.99: a grey that looks pretty black, a blue that looks kinda purple, and black & white. The pink and green models are not included. Color aside, each option can pair with a device using NFC. Just tap your phone against the thing to get synced up and enjoy higher-quality audio for the up to 12 hours of battery life it's capable of delivering.

These speakers are being sold by Woot, but they're going through Amazon's site. This bumps up the convenience factor for many of us, as people with Prime accounts can get this and enjoy the free shipping they've come to expect. There are roughly ten hours left to take advantage of the deal, which you can do at the link below.

Creative Labs' Airwave Portable Bluetooth Speaker as Amazon Gold Box Deal of the Day