There are very specific applications and implementations that make sense on Google's smartwatch platform. Minecraft isn't one of them. Even so, the first batch of Android Wear devices have at least as much processing power and memory as some of the older or cheaper smartphones, so it was only a matter of time before someone tried something like this. That someone is YouTube user and Galaxy Gear owner Corbin Davenport.

Corbin says that he didn't do anything special to get Minecraft: Pocket Edition running on his Gear Live, just manually installed it (I'm assuming he used the standard ADB commands). Since the Gear Live uses a Snapdragon 400 processor running at 1.2Ghz, with half a gigabyte of RAM and 4GB of storage, it's got more than enough oomph to play the ubiquitous building game, though I'm betting that it's only working in local mode. What's even more impressive is that Minecraft's interface adapts so well to the square 320x320 1.65-inch screen - with a little squinting and a few careful taps, it looks like Corbin can play pretty handily.

Here's an idea: download Minecraft on your phone, then copy the APK and the associated OBB files over to your computer. ADB transfer them over to an Android Wear watch to install the game. Then head to the store, buy a second Android Wear watch, and install the Minecraft guide app Craft on it. Then you can Craft on your watch while you 'craft on your watch... and everyone else will watch.

Source: Corbin Davenport (YouTube)