Like a lot of manufacturers that hope to sell phones in developing territories, Motorola adds FM radio functionality to its budget models, currently including the Moto E and the first and second generation of the Moto G. And as is the vogue for manufacturer customizations, the developers at the company have published their custom apps on the Play Store for easier updating. Today the built-in version of the FM radio app gets an update adding some much-needed features.

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First of all, users can now listen to FM radio audio via Bluetooth, including headphones, car head units, portable speakers, and anything else that uses the A2DP stereo. Of course, a lot of those gadgets might already have a radio included, but what the hey. That said, most phones with FM radios actually use headphones and other standard audio cables as an antenna, so using the radio with Bluetooth might result in poorer reception.

The biggest usability update is the addition of modulator buttons in the FM radio notification, allowing the user to scan up or down the FM band without opening the app itself. (Sorry, we don't have any compatible models handy, so we can't grab a screenshot.) Other improvements include the somewhat vague "stability fixes" and a specific patch for operation in Colombia.

FM Radio
FM Radio
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