HTC has been experimenting with different camera gimmicks lately. First there was the Ultrapixel camera in the M7, then the M8 added a second camera for simulated depth of field (that's the Duo Camera, of course). Now rumors are pointing to a new HTC device that ditches the Ultrapixel camera altogether. The M8_EYE will reportedly have a 13MP Duo Camera when it is announced next month.

The M8's Duo Camera setup is using the same 4MP image sensor HTC used in the M7. It has larger pixels than many cameras to take in more light, but the resolution is lacking. Opinions on the camera were mixed, but that could change with an upgrade to 13MP. HTC has already taken to using higher resolutions sensors on devices like the E8 and Butterfly 2, which has a 13MP Duo Camera like the rumored EYE.

Assuming the rumors are true, this device will come with Sense 6 and Android 4.4.4 when it drops next month. Additional details are scarce—we don't know if there will be any other tweaks to the M8, or if this is just a do-over on the camera. Likewise, it's unclear where it will be released.

Update: Upleaks claims the device will be for China and India only.