Just like the original Moto X, AT&T customers were the first ones to get a taste of the new model on the customization site Moto Maker. But it looks like that carrier exclusivity isn't going to last anywhere near as long this time around: the official Verizon Wireless Twitter account said that Big Red versions would be available starting tomorrow. Just like the AT&T version, the on-contract model will cost $99.99 with a two-year commitment. A black version will be available from Verizon retail stores and online.

If Motorola continues its pattern from last year, the new Moto X should be available in all color, finish, and trim combinations, including the premium leather and wood backs, with free engraving of a short message. The current Moto Maker offers four finishes of wood and four different types of leather for a $25 surcharge, and doubling the phone's storage to 32GB will cost an extra $50. So far the only cosmetic difference between the AT&T model and the Verizon model is a single carrier logo on the back, which is downright tasteful by Verizon's standards. The software build will certainly include a handful of Verizon applications. Because the new phones are made in China instead of the US, shipping to United States customers takes approximately 10 business days. [Editor's note: according to a Motorola representative, the new Moto X Moto Maker orders are still being assembled and shipped out from the original Texas factory. Thanks to commenter Matt for the correction.]

Verizon's press release didn't mention a price for an off-contract Moto X, but I would be shocked if it wasn't the same $499.99 price as the off-contract Moto X on AT&T. While AT&T and other GSM carrier customers have the option for a "pure edition" with no carrier branding and an unlockable bootloader, Motorola vice president Punit Soni has stated that there will be no Verizon Developer Edition of the new Moto X.

Source: Verizon news center