For folks who like to stay on the cutting edge of technology (which I assume includes you, since you're reading an Android blog), thermostats and smoke alarms don't get much cooler than the Nest and Nest Protect. They're Internet-connected, which is great because reasons. They can talk to your mobile device, which is all any gadget really needs to do to be considered smart (since many of us do less talking on our smartphones these days, does that make us dumber?). And now they're available in the Play Store for sophisticated shoppers in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Nest3 Nest2

The screenshots above were taken of the Netherlands version of the store, and they show the Nest going for €219 and the Nest Protect for €109. These prices match those found in France and Ireland.

The Nest thermostat can learn from your activities at home to keep the temperature just right, while the smoke alarm can push alerts to your phone whenever an issue arises. If you live in Belgium or the Netherlands and have been waiting to see what about Nest made it compelling enough for Google to buy the company, here's an easy way for you to find out.

Source: Google Play support