For all the grief we give Samsung tablets about fake leather and physical home buttons, the higher tiers of hardware have some great specs. Speed demons and resolution fanatics might be particularly enthralled with the Tab Pro series, all of which feature 2560x1600 screens. If you appreciate the hardware but could do without Samsung's Android skin, the developers at CyanogenMod now support the Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1.


CyanogenMod 11 nightlies are already available for the Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4, giving users of two out of the four tablets in the series access to AOSP-style software with rapid updates. The two remaining tablets, the 12.2-inch Galaxy Tab Pro and Galaxy Note Pro, aren't officially supported yet. Also note (and pardon the pun) that these ROMs are for the Wi-Fi versions of the tablet only - international LTE and carrier variants aren't supported yet. At least Samsung makes it easy to unlock the bootloaders and flash a custom recovery on its Wi-Fi devices.

The usual stuff applies here: the single nightly build available at the time of writing probably has a few bugs left to work out, and those who prefer more reliability might want to wait for the Tab Pro 10.1 to be added to the monthly M snapshot builds. If that doesn't dissuade you, head for CyanogenMod's download page, but make a stop for the Gapps package first.

P.S. Someone on the CyanogenMod team decided to codename the Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 the "picassowifi." We have no idea why.

Source: CyanogenMod download page