The Fire Phone is reportedly selling very poorly, but surely this will get things back on track. Amazon has released two new games (sort of) that include support for Dynamic Perspective on the Fire Phone. They're both free... if only you had a Fire Phone.

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Clay Doodle is a sandbox style game where you build things out of clay. You get to mush and shape it into whatever you want, then smooth the lines out to make it more presentable. When that's done, paint it. The Dynamic Perspective feature presumably allows you to move your head from side to side in order to see other views of your work. The other game is Monkey Buddy, but calling it a "game" might be a little generous. It's an interactive monkey that you (read: kids) can play with. It uses the Dynamic Perspective features to make it seem like the money is looking right at you and reacting. This is also free.


Really, both these titles feel like demos for Dynamic Perspective, but Amazon isn't asking for any money. They're just for fun. If you have a Fire Phone, might as well download them.

[Clay Doodle, Monkey Buddy]