There comes a time in ever person's life when they need to charge and/or sync like seven things at once. For years we've been left on our own to figure out how to deal with this quandary – do we use seven different chargers scattered all throughout the house? Fewer chargers and alternate devices on charge? Try to use the same charger for everything? There really isn't a good solution.

The folks over at Eggtronic knew there had to be a better way. A way to help users break out of this charging prison that seemingly rules our lives. So they built HUB IT.

HUB IT is a quick and easy to way to charge and sync up to seven things at once, and it works with more than 10,000 different devices – everything from phones to cameras and tablets. Its unique cartridge-style connector system also makes it one of the most versatile solutions we've ever seen. Take a look:

HUB IT: Because nothing says "romance" like being able to charge all your stuff at once.

As you may have noticed, HUB IT not only has four interchangeable cartridges, but three additional USB 3.0 ports, making it incredibly efficient for all types of sync. All of the ports – both USB and cartridge connectors – feature 20w output, which is substantially faster than the typical 5w AC adapters that ship with most devices.

HUB_IT_devices_1 open_cover_5 replace_cartridge_3

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Now that you know what HUB IT is, let's give some away. We have seven of these units to hand out to seven lucky readers – hit the widget below and follow the instructions to enter.

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