Update: A curious Reddit poster tore through the promotional website and found what looks like two photos of the "ReCamera" and a mounting accessory. They seem pretty barebones, but they might be our first solid look at the device. Of course, at this point nothing is confirmed. Thanks to Jeremy (@jersteck) for the tip.




Bloomberg is convinced that HTC's New York City event next month will be host to a new GoPro-style action camera. The first video tease for the event seems to corroborate that. HTC's video shows off a pair of young women recording underwater footage, "action" footage of some soccer moves and a bike ride, and a bit of impromptu street performing.

We can see two things from the video without seeing the actual camera: the device itself (or at least an accessory) has some degree of water resistance, and it uses a wide-angle lens. At least some slow-motion or high-FPS functionality is implied. Whether this thing is a stand-alone camera like the GoPro and its various competitors, a smartphone with some action camera features, or a hybrid like Samsung's Galaxy Camera or similar devices, remains to be seen.

The video was posted to YouTube and at the promotional page www.recamera.com, along with a logo emblazoned with "re." That certainly could be the name for the camera device, but if it is, it's not a particularly compelling one. There's also a Twitter account, currently hosting just one tweet:

We should know what's going on in almost exactly two weeks.