If you have an affinity for vintage cameras, you may find yourself toting around a light meter to make sure every exposure comes out just right. If you happen to also be a Glass explorer, David Young has a solution for that - Google Glass Light Meter, a piece of Glassware that entered Google's official collection just a few days ago.

As you may guess from the name, Light Meter turns your Glass unit into... a light meter. Users need only set their film speed and desired aperture, and Light Meter will show optimal shutter speed at that aperture (as well as a stop above and below) in a helpful, glance-able card. The card updates live as long as the glassware is active, so you can get general readings from a variety of perspectives.

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Functionally, it's a super simple app, but it's a great idea for a device like Glass. As for its accuracy? The developer takes "no responsibility for wasted film or badly exposed shots," but the app should be able to give you a good idea of what settings you'll need to get a good exposure. To read more, visit David Young's blog linked below, or get the glassware from MyGlass.


Light Meter on MyGlass