The newest Humble Bundle is out and it's a big one. Humble Bundle for PC and Android 11 includes a whopping ten games right now, with more coming soon. All the titles are available on PC/Mac/Linux and Android with no DRM. There are also Steam keys for most platforms. All you have to do is decide how much to pay.

2014-09-23 14_06_09-Humble Bundle_ PC and Android 11 (pay what you want and help charity)

Unlike previous Humble Bundles, this one has three tiers instead of two. You can pay anything to get the basic tier of games—Thomas Was Alone, Bridge Constructor Playground, Cubemen, and Cubemen 2 (new on Android). Pay above the average price at the time of purchase and you get four more games—Small World 2, Blackwell 1: Legacy, Blackwell 2: Unbound, and Blackwell 3: Convergence. If you choose to pay more than $11, you can add Anomaly Defenders (which literally just came out) and Surgeon Simulator to the list. Granted, that's steep for Humble Bundle, but you're getting a ton of games.

The Bundle is going for the next two weeks, but the longer you wait, the higher the average price will creep. As always, you can choose how you want your payment split between the developers, Humble Bundle, and charity.

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