HTC Scribble is now available in the Play Store. What's that? You've never heard of HTC Scribble? You're in good company, then - it's one of those little add-on features in Sense that doesn't get much press... on account of it not being very useful. Scribble is basically a digital scrapbooking app made to highlight some other features of Sense, like Zoe and some rudimentary stylus support. The app was introduced on the plus-sized HTC One Max, but may be available for other One devices.

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HTC bills Scribble as a super-flexible way to do everything from making a digital collage to keeping track of a budget, but aside from a few neat extras like the ability to take a photo inside the app itself, it's probably more unwieldy than dedicated apps. Text, audio recordings, and a variety of stickers can be inserted into a Scribble project, and at least some of the text can be dynamic, including basic column support.

Like other manufacturer apps, HTC Scribble has probably been published to the Play Store to enable easier updates of the app without forcing users to wait for a full over-the-air software upgrade. It's a free download with no in-app purchases for HTC One series devices only.

HTC Scribble
HTC Scribble
Developer: HTC Corporation
Price: Free