Samsung makes some surprisingly solid accessories for its mobile phones. A lot of people don't know this, because those accessories are really, really expensive, at least compared to most of the alternatives available. Today you can take half off of all the accessories - cases, cables, mounts, batteries, anything - that you buy from the official Samsung online store. But there's a catch: the coupon code is only good on items with individual prices below $50.


That caps your savings at $25 per accessory, but you can buy as many as you like at once and use the same coupon code (r1H01X01). The code works all the way up to items that are $49.99, so it's applied to the subtotal of each individual item. There are a few more restrictions. One: this is only good for items in the Mobile Accessories section of the store, so items elsewhere (even the tablet section) won't work with the coupon. Two: only Samsung items will be discounted, even though Samsung sells cases and other accessories from other companies in the official store. Three: items that are already on sale will not be discounted further. No stacking discounts, deal hunters.

Between the price limit and the sale restriction, that takes out a lot of the available options. But there are still plenty of batteries, cases, and cables that will slide in under that gap. In particular, Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 4 owners can grab that nifty new Power Sharing Cable for a cool $10. If the total of your order exceeds $50, even with the discounts, you can add free shipping to the mix. We don't know when this promotion will expire.

Samsung Online Store (US) Cell Phone Accessories - use code r1H01X01

Thanks, Rafael Morales!