Google's Play services are gradually working their way out to more countries around the globe, and the latest expansion we've spotted is occurring south of the Equator. Google has enabled Play Music access in the countries of Brazil and Uruguay. This way users can back up their albums to Google's servers and access them from a web browser or mobile device.


All Access has technically come to both countries as well, but in the case of Brazil, there appear to be some substantial caveats. We're seeing reports that it's only available to people who own certain Galaxy devices (the Galaxy S4, S5, and the Tab S) as the result of a partnership with Samsung. On November 1st, access will extend out to owners of any Samsung device. All users, regardless of device manufacturer, will have access before the end of the year.

To make things extra spiteful (or awesome, depending on your perspective), people who authenticate using a Samsung device can then pull up their music through a browser or any other non-Samsung Android device they own.

Music2 Music3 Music4

This means many Brazilians will also have to wait a bit longer before they're able to dive into Google's all-you-can-eat music streaming service. Until then, listeners can still buy tracks or albums the old-fashioned way and build up their collections manually. For some users, that will be more than enough. For others, the wait just got even worse.

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Thanks, Adler Luiz, Neto Cavalcanti, and Vinicius Felipe Ghietti.